0503a Dormition of Mary

0503 The Dormition of Mary


18th cent. 28.8x26x2.7 cms.

The “Dormition of Mary” is one of the Great Feasts of Orthodoxy and is celebrated on August 15th.

The event is recorded in the Apocrypha. The icon shows Christ taking Her soul to Heaven and giving benediction to Her body. She is surrounded by Apostles who have been brought by angels from all the corners of the Earth. Only St Tomas, being customary late, arrives three days later. St Peter at The Virgin’s head censers Her body though the censer is no longer visible. St Paul bows in respect. In the top left is St. James in his episcopal robes as Bishop of Jerusalem. Though bearded it is St John who is believed to be reaching out to touch the Virgin. The apostate Jephonius seeks to drag the body down to Hell but is thwarted by Archangel Michael’s sword that cuts off his arm.

The icon’s reverse has been treated for insect infestation of whch there was much evidence. ┬áThee has been some in-filling largely on the kovcheg. On the reverse, the original snponki remains.

0503a Dormition of Mary