0501 Appearance of The Virgin to St Sergius

0501 The Appearance of The Virgin to St Sergius


19th cent.29.5x23x2.5 cms.

Advent in 1379, The Virgin accompanied by Sts Peter and John, At appeared to St. Sergius to award him the Abbot’s Staff of the monastery that would develop into “The Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius. With St. Sergius is Micah, his servant, who kneels shielding his eyes from Her. In the top centre is an icon of “The Old Testament Trinity”. St Sergius is particularly ¬†associated with the image which appears above his memorial in the Church that contains his relics.

The icon is written on a slightly arched board that has, unusually for its age, been smoothed by a rubanok, a tool used a century before the board’s 19th cent. creation. Two shponki have been inserted in the top and lower edge of the board.