0413 Archangel Michael; Russian; 18th cent.; 33x26
x2.5;      £1100

0413 Archangel Michael


0143 Archangel Michael
Russian. 18th cent. 33x26x2.5 cms.

The titanic struggle between the powers of good and evil is described in Revelation 12: 7-12.  This icon encapsulates that text. Arch angel Michael, the commander of the Heavenly Host attacks the forces of evil. His right hand is raised to Heaven as he holds The Book of Judgement. His other hand holds a golden censer. A rainbow arches between his hands symbolising the promises of God. He blows a trumpet heralding the destruction of the wicked. As he rides he spears a grotesque figure with three human feet and a dog’s paw. In the devil’s belly is a woman reminiscing that it was Eve actions that introduced wickedness into the world. His horse churns up the dark waters of evil. All is chaos. Yet, in the far corner there is hope. Here there is an image of Christ Emmanuel before a prepared altar with a chalice to commemorate the Eucharist and God’s eternal forgiveness of sins.