0401 Quartile of Four Saints; Russian; 18th cent.; 30.5x25
x2.5;      £900

0401 A Quartile of Saints


17th cent. 26.7x21x2.7 cms

With a double kovcheg and a single central shponki, the icon dates from the 17th cent. As such, it has one of the earliest examples Of “Virgin of Joy to All Who Grieve”  whose first appearance is recorded as happening at The Cathedral of Transfiguration in Moscow in 1643. Written in a provincial style by an untutored hand, the icon was probably a domestic icon for private veneration. Because the icon is dated only about 50 years from the first appearance of the icon of “The Joy to All Who Grieve” , it is probable it hails from the Moscow area.

The images of the icon are, clockwise from top left, The Saviour, The Virgin of Joy For All The Afflicted, Unknown and St Antipas.