0251 Mother Don't Weep for Me

0251 Mother Don’t Weep for Me


19th cent. 26x23x3.3 cms

Despite the sadness of the occasion, the message is one of certainty. The love of God ensures resurrection and life eternal. The pain and difficulties will be replaced by joy in Heaven. Even the worst suffering is nothing to the happiness that awaits those who accept the Christian message.

Here, The Virgin shows a mother’s sorrow at the loss of her Son, but happiness awaits. Symbolically, the half naked, lifeless earthly body of Christ is shown rising from His sarcophagus. The Cross is shown in the background as His Mother in grim grief gestures to present Her Son as the living Christ, hearing, as She does; the words “Weep not for me Mother ……… for I shall rise and be glorified.  [Ninth chant on Easter Sunday].