0502 Burning Bush; Russian; 18th cent.; 30.3x26
x2.5;      £950

0249 Virgin of The Burning Bush


18th cent. 30.3x26x2.5 cms,


Conceptually, this icon takes as its source the Biblical account of God revealing Himself to Moses through a  bush aflame yet not damaged. Similarly, The Virgin gave birth to Christ yet remianed a virgo intacto. This icon with its geometric design began to appear in Russia after the late 14th cent. after the commencement of Russian pilgrimages to the Holy Land and Sinai desert.

The icon shows Mary holding Jesus in Her left arm whilst Her right holds a ladder with its clear message that the way to Heaven is through Her Son. That image is set in a four pointed blue star set upon a red one. The blue one is embellished with the stars of Heaven rays of light shine from the red. In the segments connecting the stars are eight angels.

The icon is written on a thick board which has two empty channels. Scaffiti from the iconographer’s workshop can be seen on the reverse.