0124 Christ with Scenes

0124 Christ Pantocrator with Scenes


19th cent. 44x36x3 cms.

A dominating Christ Pantocrator is accompanied by five scenes of the life of the Saviour and is embellished with six medallions of Orthodox hierarchy. ┬áthe scenes are “The Old Testament Trinity” [top left], The Nativity [top right], The Transfiguration” [bottom left] and “The Ascension”]. In the centre and larger plaque is “The Descent into Hell” where Christ reaches out to bring the Saved to Heaven.

On purchase the icon was split into two. There was also insect damage. The split has been repaired and and the infestation treated. In the damaged are the paint has been restored and the entire icon re-varnished. The board is slightly bowed and has two channels for the battens which are no longer present.