0621 Descent from the CrossThe Entombment

0621 The Descent From The Cross. The Entombment


17th cent. 32.5x29x3 cms.

The thick board of the icon is bowed. on the reverse, there are two thin channels with one batten still in place.

The icon is written with the fluidity and motion of its period. Against the stylised walls of Jerusalem and with dark clouds obscuring both the sun and moon over Golgotha, this Easter icon portrays the last evening of the first Good Friday. In the top register, the body of Christ is lowered from The cross mourned by The Virgin, Mary Magdalene and a third Mary, said to be the wife of Ciopas, Joseph’s brother. The Apostle St John is seen holding the feet of Christ. The other two cannot be identified.

Below the entombment is shown.  The Virgin holds Her Son’s head and Joseph of Arimathea his feet  as Christ’s body is lowered into Joseph’s family tomb. Behind The Virgin stand the other two Marys grieving. The Apostle ST John prostrates himself over the body in grief. Behind Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus attends.

The icon was previously the property of an American art collector whose ther interest was retaining the Colonial heritage of U.S. within present development programmes.