0430 St George

00430 St George

Late 16th /early 17th cent.

71x51x2.5 cms.

A monumental icon which would have been present in Church. The icon was purchased from the estate of a South American media owner. Since purchase the icon has been restored. {Please contact us for images of the restoration being undertaken]. Both the original shponki are present though the original nails [which accompany the sale] have been removed. They have been replaced by modern fitments to ease pressure on the 600 year old boards.

The image itself shows the traditional image of St George on a rearing white horse plunging his spear into a threatening dragon. There is no distressed Princess or onlookers as these were addictions of a later age. The simplicity both of the image itself and the symbolise pink tower symbolic of a city are features of an earlier era; late 16th/early 17th cent.

Price on Application

Please Note: Because of the size and age of the icon, special shipping and insurance requirements are needed. These are not included in the above price. Please contact us, prior to purchase, yo allow a firm shipping and insurance quote to be given.